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plain papadam £0.60
masala papadam £0.60
kebab roll£3.75
chicken wrap £3.75
onion bhaji £2.95
samosa (meat or vegetable)£2.95
vegetable pakora £2.95
chicken pakora £2.95
spicy marinated chicken pieces lightly fried with breadcrumb & butter
garlic mushroom £2.95
prawn cocktail £3.50
chicken chat £2.95
small pieces of chicken cooked with chat masala
aloo chat £2.95
small pieces of potato cooked with chat masala
king prawn butterfly £4.25
prawn puree £3.95
cooked in sweet & sour slightly hot, served with puree bread
king prawn puree £4.75
cooked in sweet & sour slightly hot, served with puree bread
chicken tikka £3.50
lamb tikka£3.50
sheek kebab£3.50
shami kebab£3.50
nawabi kebab £4.50
chicken tikka, lamb tikka & sheek kebab
tandoori chicken (one piece)£3.50
mixed platter (served 2 people)£6.50
vegetable samosa, pakora, sheek kebab, chicken tikka
tandoori platter (serves 2 people)£7.25
chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori king prawn & sheek kebab
mixed starter£4.50
pieces of chicken, lamb, sheek kebab & onion bhaji in chef's special sauce

Tandoori dishes

All dishes are marinated with special spices and cooked in tandoori oven and served with salad & mint sauce

tandoori chicken (full) £10.50
tandoori chicken (half)£6.50
tandoori chef special (naan)£10.50
marinated lamb, chicken, kebab, 2 king prawns and pieces of tandoori chicken cooked on skewers, served with green salad and nan bread
tandoori king prawn (full)£10.50
king prawn marinated n special spices and cooked over skewers, served with green salad
tandoori mixed grill £9.20
marinated lamb, chicken, kebab and pieces of tandoori chicken cooked on skewers, served with green salad and nan bread
chicken tikka (full)£6.75
pieces of tender chicken marinated in yoghurt, herbs & spices cooked on skewers in a tandoori clay oven
lamb tikka £6.75
pieces of tender lamb marinated in yoghurt, herbs, & spices cooked on skewers in a tandoori clay oven
sheek kebab (full)£6.75
exotic mix of herbs & spices blended in mince lamb skewerd and cooked in a tandoori clay oven
lamb tikka shashlik £7.95
chicken tikka shaslik £7.95
tandoori king prawn shashlik.£11.50

chef's choice

ghoan chicken £7.95
with ginger and satkora, slightly hot.
chicken tikka paneer masala £8.25
garlic chilli chicken masala £7.95
garlic lamb or garlic chicken £7.95
the spice special (medium hot curry) £8.50
cooked with chicken, meat & prawn. very tasty.
chicken tikka paneer korma £8.25
chicken tikka moricha £7.95
fairly hot chilli pickle
methe chicken or lamb £7.95
cooked with methe leaves
pasanda chicken or lamb £9.25
cooked with creamy sauce, coconut & almond, served with pilau rice
kebab cocktail masala £9.85
whole mix grill with mild masala sauce, served with pilau rice
achari chicken (with pickle) £7.95
chicken tikka panjab masala £7.95
medium spicy sauce with onion and peppe.
butter chicken or lamb (special rice)£9.25
butter with coconut & almond with creamy sauce
murgh jaflong £7.95
shredded spring chicken seasoned with sylheti herbs and root ginger cooked in a light orange sauce
chicken or lamb jalijal £7.95
chicken or lamb tikka cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, onion, green pepper, green chilli, tomatoes, fresh coriander and a dash of worcester sauce blended together with yoghurt
korahi crayfish £9.95
fresh water bengali tandoori crayfish cooked in a rich spicy sauce with green peppers and onion
gosht la aziz £7.95
spicy pieces of tender lamb, served in an aromatic garlic sauce
badsha bag £9.95
whole jumbo prawns with fresh green chillie, curry leaves, tomatoes and spring onions.
chicken muli £7.95
boneless spring chicken in fresh herbs, cooked in a medium sauce with onions, tomatoes and green pepper.
chicken tikka naga £7.95
cooked in a rich spicy sauce with tomatoes and naga chilli.
tandoori king prawn naga £9.95
badami chicken £7.95
sliced chicken tikka cooked in a creamy sauce and garnished with sliced cashew and almonds.
king prawn malaba £9.95
whole king prawns cooked with mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chillies and coconut cream.
chicken pardesi £7.95
pieces of chicken cooked with spinach, mushroom, green pepper and chunky onions.
murg joipuri £7.95
strips of chicken cooked with our very unique spices to create an authentic flavour of bangalore.
murghi masalla (off the bone) £8.25
cooked with mince meat, egg & coriander. medium hot
chicken makhani (mild with pineapple)£7.95
murgi rezalla (Marinated chicken with few pieces of chopped green chillies, chopped tomatoes with onions and peppers.)£8.20
LAZZA CHICKEN(This is delighted dish of chicken tikka cooked in a mild sauce, coconut milk and yoghurt and flavoured with star anise, coriander and bay leaf.)£8.20

Biryani dishes

biryani dishes are prepared with basmati rice, garnished delicately in herbs and spices, served with vegetable curry

chicken or lamb biryani £7.95
chicken or lamb tikka biryani £8.95
prawn biryani £7.95
king prawn biryani £8.95
the spice special biryani £8.95
mushroom biryani £6.95
vegetable biryani £6.95

balti dishes

medium, cooked with special balti sauce. served with naan or pilau rice

chicken or lamb balti £8.25
chicken or lamb tikka balti £9.25
prawn balti £8.95
king prawn balti £9.95
chefs special balti £9.95
vegetable balti £7.95

masala dishes

charcoal grilled cooked in spices with cream & butter to own recipe)

chicken or lamb tikka masala £7.95
tandoori chicken masala £7.95
tandoori king prawn masala £9.95
vegetable masala £6.50

jalfrezi dishes

medium hot, cooked with green peppers, green chilli and spices

chicken or lamb tikka jalfrezi £7.95
prawn jalfrezi £7.95
king prawn jalfrezi £8.95
vegetable jalfrezi £6.50

curry dishes

medium hot

chicken or lamb curry £5.95
chicken or lamb tikka curry £7.50
prawn curry £7.50
king prawn curry £8.50
mixed vegetable curry £5.50
chicken & mushroom curry £6.50

madras dishes

fairly hot

chicken or lamb madras £5.50
chicken or lamb tikka madras £7.50
prawn madras £6.95
king prawn madras £8.50
mixed vegetable madras £4.95

vindaloo dishes

very hot and spicy sauce

chicken or lamb vindaloo £5.95
chicken or lamb tikka vindaloo.£7.95
prawn vindaloo £7.50
king prawn vindaloo £8.95

ceylon dishes

fairly hot with coconut

chicken or lamb ceylon £6.25
chicken or lamb tikka ceylon £7.95
prawn ceylon £7.50
king prawn ceylon £8.95
vegetable ceylon £8.95

dansak dishes

very tasty persian dishes cooked with lentils in thick sauce, hot, sweet & sour

chicken or lamb dansak £6.25
chicken or lamb tikka dansak £7.95
prawn dansak £7.50
king prawn dansak £8.95
vegetable prawn dansak £8.95

pathia dishes

cooked with herbs, hot, sweet and sour flavoured

chicken or lamb pathia £6.25
chicken or lamb tikka pathia £7.95
prawn pathia £7.50
king prawn pathia £8.95
vegetable pathia £5.95

rogon dishes

cooked with special spices and herbs in medium thick sauce, dressed with fried tomatoes

chicken or lamb rogon £6.25
chicken or lamb tikka rogon £7.95
prawn rogon £7.50
king prawn rogon £8.95
vegetable rogon £5.95

bhuna dishes

medium thick sauce

chicken or lamb bhuna £6.25
chicken or lamb tikka bhuna £7.95
prawn bhuna £7.50
king prawn bhuna £8.95
vegetable bhuna £5.95

karahi dishes

medium hot spice cooked with garlic, tomatoes & green peppers

chicken or lamb karahi £6.50
chicken or lamb tikka karahi £8.25
king prawn karahi £8.95
vegetable karahi £6.50
prawn karahi £7.50

dupiaza dishes

cooked with lots of diced onions, spices & herbs in medium thick sauce

chicken or lamb dupiaza £6.50
chicken or lamb tikka dupiaza £7.95
prawn dupiaza £7.50
king prawn dupiaza £8.95
vegetable dupiaza £5.95

sagwala dishes

medium with spinach

chicken or lamb sagwala £6.25
chicken or lamb tikka sagwala £7.95
prawn sagwala £7.50
king prawn sagwala £8.95
vegetable sagwala £5.95

korma dishes

(very mild) cooked with mild spices, blended with coconut and fresh cream in a thick sauce

chicken or lamb korma £6.25
chicken or lamb tikka korma £7.95
prawn korma £7.50
king prawn korma £8.95
mixed vegetable korma £5.95

kashmiri dishes

(mild) kashmiri an aromatic dish cooked with lychees and bananas. fairly mild

chicken or lamb kashmiri £6.25
chicken or lamb tikka kashmiri £7.95
prawn kashmiri £7.50
king prawn kashmiri £8.95
vegetable kashmiri £5.95

malaya dishes

(mild) malaya an aromatic dish cooked with lychees and pineapple. fairly mild

chicken or lamb malaya £6.25
chicken or lamb tikka malaya £7.95
prawn malaya £7.50
king prawn malaya £8.95
vegetable malaya £5.95

side dishes

served with main meals only

vegetable curry £3.25
bombay potato £3.25
sag aloo (potato cooked with spinach, medium spice)£3.25
mushroom bhaji £3.25
cauliflower bhaji £3.25
bindi bhaji (okra cooked with mixed spices) £3.25
brinjal bhaji (aubergine) £3.25
sag bhaji £3.25
dall tarka £3.25
(lentils cooked with spices and fresh garlic)
chana masalla £3.25
mutter paneer (chick peas with cheese) £3.25
aloo gobi £3.25
sag paneer (spinach with cheese) £3.25
raita (onion or cucumber) £2.50


plain rice £2.20
pilau rice £2.50
lemon rice£2.90
vegetable rice £2.90
special fried rice £2.90
mushroom rice £2.90
kashmiri rice (with pineapple) £2.90
keema rice (cooked with mince lamb)£2.90
egg fried rice£2.90
coconut rice£2.90
onion rice£2.90
paratha £2.25
stuffed paratha (stuffed with vegetable)£2.80
egg paratha£2.80
chapati £1.50
naan £2.10
Leavened self raising flour bread made in tandoori clay oven
keema (with mince lamb)£2.70
garlic (with garlic) £2.70
vegetable naan £2.70
peshwari naan (with coconut & almond)£2.70
chilli naan £2.70
cheese naan£2.70


mango chutney / chilli pickle£0.50
lime pickle / onion salad£0.50
mint sauce£0.50
red sauce (chef special)£0.50


1.5 ltr (coke, diet coke, orange)£2.25
cans (coke, diet coke, orange)£0.95

english dishes

chicken omelette with chips £6.25
mushroom omelette with chips £6.25
chicken nuggets & chips £5.25

special set meals

set meal for two £29.95
2 papadam, 1 mixed platter, chicken tikka masala, lamb dupiaza, bombay aloo, sag aloo, pilau rice, nan
set meal for four £52.95
4 papadam, 1 mixed platter, 1 tandoori platter, lamb bhuna, chicken tikka masala, chicken korma, chicken jalfrezi, dry vegetable, sag aloo, bombay aloo, 2 pilau rice, 1 mushroom rice, 1 plain rice & 2 nan
vegetable set meal for 2 £23.50
papadam, onion bhaji, vegetable samosa, vegetable korma, vegetable jalfrezi, mushroom bhaji, sag aloo pulau rice & nan